The Independent: March 2014

Cathy and Dean Haldenby, senior financial advisors at Haldenby Financial Group, HollisWealth, Petrolia believe in quality advice. The family team has been working hard to ensure families are well advised when it comes to reaching their financial goals.

Haldenby Financial Group is proud to expand its footprint to the Petrolia area, having begun their transition into Petrolia’s HollisWealth (formerly DundeeWealth) office over the past few months. “Brad Walker, like many folks, was retiring and Judy Hallwanted to ensure clients were well advised as a part of her succession plan—in that spirit, we began to plan a transition that would help everyone reach that goal,” says Dean Haldenby, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) candidate and financial advisor. “Over the next three years, we will transition with clients to ensure they are comfortable with Haldenby Financial Group.” Cathy adds: “I think clients will find our approach is very similar to what they’ve come to know—and, we want to ensure that will continue.”

Dean further explains, “Quality advice and consistency is very important to Cathy, Judy and I. Since Brad was retiring we decided to bring Annie Bourque, customer service specialist at Haldenby Financial Group back into our Petrolia office; and with Judy Hall staying on as associate financial advisor we are confident that our Petrolia location is stronger than ever.” Culminate that with years of experience and Haldenby Financial Group is one of the highest qualified investment firms in the Lambton area. “We have been assisting families and clients with their investments, insurance, estate and financial planning for over 26 years—we are local professionals from the Lambton community, focused on families, and here to stay for the long run,” says Cathy Haldenby, the 26 year veteran CFP® professional.

“Experience, qualifications and competence,” Dean explains, has never been more important. “We have seen all too often family and friends in our community making the wrong decisions when it comes to their finances. It starts with your choice in an advisor.” Dean, Cathy and Judy are members of the Financial Planning Standards Council® (FPSC®) and are mandated by the FPSC® to work in the best interest of their clients. “Our clients are always the number one priority –this has helped build our reputation in the Sarnia-Petrolia-Lambton community for the past 26 years.”