The world of insurance can be confusing and overwhelming.  What type of insurance do I need?  How much insurance?  How can I guarantee my income?  Our advisors have the skill and knowledge to expertly guide you through your financial insurance options to ensure that your lifestyle and wealth are protected.

  • Guaranteed Investments
    Segregated mutual funds 100% guarantee your principal upon maturity or death and the funds go directly to your beneficiary as a lump sum or an inheritance annuity.  These funds are protected against creditors and eliminate probate costs.
  • Guaranteed Income for Life
    Income for life products allow you to build your own pension and guarantee your income level at a certain age.
  • Life Insurance
    There are an overwhelming number of life insurance products and options.  Our advisors develop a life insurance plan that is both efficient and financially sound to ensure that your family and wealth are protected.
  • Disability/Critical Illness Insurance
    We offer disability and critical illness insurance that provides income during times of illness.
  • Travel Insurance
    If you travel outside of Ontario or Canada we can provide you with reasonably priced travel insurance in a few easy steps.
  • Mortgage Insurance Alternative
    Unlike typical mortgage insurance we insure our clients before they die by underwriting clients at the time of their application.  That way our clients know that their beneficiary will receive the death benefit should they pass away.
  • Health Insurance
    We offer health insurance coverage including drug, dental, paramedical, accidental death and dismemberment directly to any individual.